More than just a fuel card Experience the next level of fleet fuel management

The Texaco Fastfuel fuel card is ideal for fleets operating across Ireland that need greater control over their fuel use and expenditure. Its fixed price means that no matter where your drivers fill up across its 400+ site network, you pay the same price.

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  • Access the Fastfuel branded fuel card network, 400+ sites across Ireland including Texaco, Maxol, Emo and Great Gas Sites
  • Enjoy competitive fixed pricing across all 400+ sites on both diesel and unleaded petrol
  • Claim back VAT easily with our Revenue approved invoices
  • Manage your account online with Velocity account management system
  • Plan your journeys online via e-route, accessible through our Smartphone app, or download straight to your SatNav

Why use a fuel card?


The Texaco Fastfuel card gives you access to 400+ strategically located sites across Ireland, including all Texaco, Maxol, Emo and Great Gas sites, perfect for long-distance drivers. This is Ireland’s largest branded fuel card network. Many of these filling stations also operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, perfect for fleets that don’t stop.

Fuel Pricing

One price at all sites, you no longer have to worry about where your drivers fill up.


The Texaco Fastfuel card is PIN protected, and you can set daily and weekly limits on the card. With our advanced reporting tools, you will be able to monitor your fuel usage daily or weekly.


As a Texaco Fastfuel customer, you’ll receive comprehensive invoices with all transactions listed in one place. All our invoices are Revenue approved so claiming back VAT on business fuel purchases is easy and straightforward – no more collecting driver receipts and checking against timesheets.

We also provide e-billing for your ease and have direct debit payment options. You can also access historical invoices at the touch of a button through our Velocity account management tool.


The Velocity account management tool comes free of charge with the Texaco Fastfuel card. Access to Velocity gives you 24 hour access to your fuel card account. You can stop & order cards, check monthly spend, run reports, and download historical invoices at any time during the day.

With this much fuel card data at your fingertips, you will have complete control of fuel spend enabling you to ensure maximum fleet efficiency.

Map Options

The complete Texaco Fastfuel network is available online through our e-route site locator. Available on desktop, mobile or as a SatNav download, you and your drivers will always know where the nearest site on your network is. e-route will give you the full details of the site including facilities available to your drivers.

Why choose Texaco Fastfuel?

There’s never been a better time to make Texaco Fastfuel the fuel card for your business.

Here are just three reasons why:


Fully branded fuel card network


One price at all sites


Access to Velocity and e-route is free and comes as standard to all our fuel card customers

Velocity - your fleet management tool

Manage your fleet and fuel costs on any device, in realtime.

  • Reporting With Ease

    Comprehensive instant reporting tools for all your fuel spend and usage data.

  • Station Networks

    Check your fuel card networks and station locations across Ireland.

  • Maximum Control

    Control every aspect of your fleet fuel from any device, whilst in the office or on the move.

  • View Invoices

    Access all your invoices conveniently from your mobile device.

  • Instant Support

    Assistance is just a button away.

  • Manage Fuel Cards

    Easily control and manage your existing fuel cards.


Fleet location and driver management

Essential for any business, the only GPS vehicle tracking system that integrates fuel card usage with live tracking data for a comprehensive fleet management system.

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Vehicle Performance

58 mpg

Driver Performance


Current Location

M6 J21A

Fuel Usage

20.2 litres

Kinesis key features

Live Map
Vehicle Performance
Journey History
Driver Performance
Privacy Mode

Live Map Live Map

Accurate vehicle location tracking across Europe, it's never been easier to check on driver and fleet progress.

Vehicle Performance Vehicle Performance

Measure your Vehicle Performance with accurate fuel efficiency analysis.

Journey History Journey History

Choose any combination of vehicles and review their journeys in depth over any timescale.

Geo-Plus Geo-Plus

Identify fuel card misuse with our unique Geo-Plus reporting system.

Driver Performance Driver Performance

Monitor driving styles and behaviour with Driver Performance.

Privacy Mode Privacy Mode

Easily turn off tracking or set a custom schedule for tracking during business hours.

Nationwide coverage

Over 400+ fuel sites available across Ireland

Find your local fastfuel station

or locate automatically


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